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It’s your vehicle and you should be free to choose who repairs it in the event of an accident. Most motorists would agree with this statement. Unfortunately, for many, this may not be the reality.


Always be sure to research your insurance options thoroughly before committing to any contracts. The number of parent insurance companies has considerably decreased in today’s market, there are a small number of insurance types still available that offer choice of repairer. All varying in their coverage and target market. Many insurance policies are targeted at general-use vehicles and non-specialty cars and may have conditions to selecting your choice of repairer. It may be in your best interest to ask them specific questions regarding your car, it?s use and its value as well as clarifying the fine print with them.

We are proudly independent and are happy to work with any insurer who shares our belief for returning vehicles to their pre-accident condition, using only OEM parts and manufacturers specifications for reference. But not all insurance is the same, whilst we appreciate the importance of quality workmanship and safety, this philosophy is not always matched on the other end. As such only few truly understand the high level of processes as well as the benchmark that we set for ourselves and the passion to exceed customer expectations.

COVID – Our New Norm

We appreciate that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has brought with it confusion and uncertainty.

With this in mind we would like to reassure you of the measures we are taking to maintain the highest level of hygiene standards.

Given the current climate, we have implemented additional measures to ensure the well-being of you and our team. We are constantly monitoring the regulations and advice from the health authorities. We are taking no risks.

We thank you for your patience as we all adapt to our new norm during and post COVID, together as a community.

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