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Car Insurance Should Be About Choice

But many auto insurers DON’T let you choose who repairs your vehicle after an accident. The problem with Car Insurance is you only know you’ve chosen the wrong one when it’s too late. You Could be at Risk - Your Vehicle’s Safety Compromised!

Read the following extract from the VACC website:

Both VACC and Consumer groups have expressed concern over the loss of freedom for consumers to choose
their own crash repairer in the event of accident damage. Many consumers are not aware a problem may exist
until they make a claim on their vehicle insurance policy. If you have not had a claim recently, the chances are the
rules have changed considerably since your last accident.

Most policies over the years have allowed consumers a genuine freedom to nominate who shall carry out
necessary repairs. Over the past 5 to 6 years, however, many Insurers stipulated that a second quote was
required, usually from a repairer nominated by the Insurer. Insurers who have set up recommended repairer
schemes will sometimes go to extreme lengths to shift the consumer into their repairer network.

Read the full details at:

Choosing a body Repairer

Be Aware... there are Insurance Companies who WILL allow you to choose. They are prepared to negotiate a fair price for a quality job by a repairer of your choice - giving you the opportunity to decide the fate of your car. There is often only a relatively small difference between the premiums, but a very large difference between the way your car is repaired.

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